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LUCKY HORSE® company was founded as a small Trades saddler's workshop engaged in manufacturing western saddles. But Western is not only saddles, Western is a lifestyle, and so there was absolutely unsatisfied demand for all goods and accessories in a western style. This led in 1992 to open our own shop in Prague - Holesovice (near exhibition grounds), which dealt not only with the distribution of our own production, but also provided other required goods for fans of country and western.

Since it was a clear-cut with specialized shop, with a wide range of products, we soon began to be sought not only by individual supporters of western, but including whole interest groups such as dance groups, music groups and also stylish restaurant operators, and film and theater producers. Also advertising agencies consider the western a grateful means to attract attention.

The significant increase in demand for a western range meant that the company had to expand production in many commodities. Only the range of western saddles today includes ten basic types. At present the company has not only saddle and leather products, but also tailoring capabilities including machine embroidery, fancy metal production (centrifugal casting non-ferrous metals) and many other options. The significant increase in activities led to the transformation of the company into its present form the company Ltd., which since 1995 that not only provides most of the sold production assortment, but also provides import of original products from North and South America and from Australia, exporting its own products abroad, and manages a network of several of its own retail stores and wholesale deals to other less specialized distributors.

Free capacity is used for custom production and not only of Western goods. The company has already implemented a contract for the production of commemorative medals, small souvenirs with a distinctive logo, special protective cases for portable devices and modern weapons, stylish fittings from the Middle Ages, props and decorations for fantasy films and many other unusual traits. Of particular note are working with filmmakers, which is further elaborated in "Leather Kingdom" section.

The company presentation can be found on the Internet at familiar with current activities and our offered assortment. From there you can access directly into the Internet shop (so far in Czech language only), whose range is progressively extending.